Congested Cities, Meet the Autonomous Tricycle for Adults

The compact, off-the-grid Persuasive Electric Vehicle encourages physical activity, less traffic, and healthier cities

The Persuasive Electric Vehicle, or PEV (pictured on the right above), is an autonomous electric tricycle that’s designed to get people to change their mobility patterns in cities. It’s self-driving, environmental friendly, and sharable but there’s a catch: you have to pedal to keep it moving.

The PEV concept would use NFC technologies to accurately navigate streets, driving autonomously as it ships packages around town and finding potential riders for ride sharing programs.The tricycle only gets up to 12mph, but it’s meant for bike lanes only.

As for the persuasive element, studies show that those using ride sharing programs were already walking or riding their bikes more than others. Since the PEV is meant to expand the market for sustainable transportation, its focus is to give automobile drivers a reason to switch over—which is, a little exercise. By pedaling, riders generate energy that is stored up and used when needed by the motor. Passengers could choose to take care of their bodies, cities, and environment at the same time.

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