Alaska Airlines Reframes Its Historical Roots In Major Rebrand

Upon expanding into 90 new markets, Alaska Airlines uses design in a new way

For the first time in 25 years, Alaska Airlines has refreshed its brand identity: updating visuals such as signage, paint jobs, online platforms, uniforms, and milage plan materials. While part of the change was due to technicalities, it was also made to expose the company’s roots and communicate what lies at the heart of the business.

Alaska made it clear to PSFK that the only thing changing was its visual identity. Marianne Lindsey of media relations explained that all on-board products, including entertainment, Pacific Northwest-inspired cuisine, comfortable cabin and friendly customer service have been, and will continue to be, integral to the Alaska experience.

“We’ve had these things for some time now, but the new brand will showcase them—especially to flyers that are unfamiliar with Alaska and our growing route network, which includes the U.S., Mexico, Hawaii, Costa Rica.”

The two biggest visual changes for Alaska will be the design of the name and the iconic Eskimo that sits on the tail of the planes. The update wordmark features “clean lines and italics” that are meant to represent “performance and precision” that customers have come to identify with flying Alaska.

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