Diet Coke Taps Designers to Broaden Its Brand Engagement

Coke transforms social media posts into customized apparel, posters, and dogwear

To love to like, or to like to love a brandCoke hopes to have answered the question with its ReTweets of Love campaign. Select fans who expressed their love for Diet Coke via Twitter were surprised when their 140 character expressions weren’t just re-tweeted, but were returned to them as unique works of art.

As an extension of Coke’s Get a Taste Campaign, artists including Erik Marinovich, Marta Cerda Alimbau and Jeff Rogers designed over 50 gifts for lucky social media users, in a display of returning the love in a more meaningful way.

The products were inspired by the look and taste of Diet Coke, and are a creative extensions of the connections that the brand has with customers around the world.

Coke is in the business of “inspiring moments of optimism and happiness,” and ReTweets of Love inspires this feeling with its relevant and even quirky creations. So if love for a brand leads to brand loyalty, product evangelism and greater business, then this campaign represents just one way companies can foster this emotion.

Some will go great distances to reunite with their favorite beverage—some flip flops show Coke appreciates the effort.

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