High-Fiving Karma Bot Spreads the Love At SXSW

A robotic creature that transforms social media posts into physical interaction

Love is in the air, and now it’s in robots. GIMI-5 by advertising agency RPA is a karma bot at SXSW Interactive that receives likes and mentions online and then turns that digital love into real-life high fives.

Everything about RPA’s bot is supposed to be happy, from the friendly hand slaps to the cuddly design, inspired by the likes of BB8, R2D2 and Eve from Wall-E. That ‘fuzzy feeling’ we experience after having one of our photos or posts liked online: GIMI-5 is just that, in physical form.

GIMI-5 was created to spread positivity at SXSW, a launching pad for many ideas and movements. People at the event can post a photo and share it on social media, and anybody online can like or share GIMI-5’s Facebook page to generate a high five. One post, like, or share = one high five.

Others have experimented with similar ideas: Coke’s ReTweets of Love campaign turned fans’ online posts about Diet Coke into works of art. And in general, the idea of evoking emotional connections with customers is proving to drive brand loyalty and differentiation.

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