Hilton Injects Some ‘Wow’ into the Midscale Hotel Market

The reinvigoration of the hotel industry through youthful offerings and lower prices

Later this year, Hilton Worldwide will launch a new brand in the United States and Canada aimed at tapping into the midscale hotel market. But rather than sacrifice experience for affordability, Tru by Hilton will use minimal design and modern amenities as a way of satisfying both the minds and hearts of an important segment of travelers.

Today, the midscale market space in the hotel industry is between 15-20 million people, and 15-20 percent of Hilton’s customers are already booking these types of rooms, but with other companies. If Tru is Hilton’s attempt at grabbing a slice of this pie, then travelers in this market segment seem to be in for a treat.

Founded on the three key brand pillars of simplicity, spirit, and value, the Tru brand intends to enhance the hotel experience through operational efficiency, minimal design, and a vibrant culture.

One example of the cost-design dynamic comes in neutral colors that will be used in places with higher upfront costs, and bold colors will be used where things can be regularly changed to stay relevant. Fixtures will also be energy conscious and luxury vinyl tile will make for easy cleaning.

But the experience will start at The Hive, a lobby which will have various “activation zones” for a range of activities and lifestyles. Dubbed the work, play, lounge, and eat zones, here guests can take up private work alcoves, games and couches, and refuel with coffee and adult drinks.

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