Swedish Social Alarm System Is Halting Attacks on Refugees

Trygve is a collective mobile security app that's helping to identify and prevent potential harm in European neighborhoods

While Americans’ number one fear might not be crime, it’s not a bad idea to protect yourself and your family from suspicious activity. In Sweden, an app calledTrygve helps Swedes to guard against crime and crowdsource help in the event of an emergency. Used in both big cities and rural communities, the app has already saved children and gives hope for community collaboration in times of crisis—especially humanitarian ones like we’re seeing now.

Trygve functions a bit like a neighborhood alert system, home security service, and police coordination app in one. In case of an emergency, users can notify their network, prompting those nearby to lookout for suspicious activities, missing people, or runaway pets. And the police department can notify neighborhoods of local crime.

Using location technologies, the app pinpoints the place where the activity is reported, and others with the app can see the situation take place real time. And while the neighborhood service is free, users can connect the app to their home alarm system for a charge. If your alarm goes off, those in your “alarm liaison group” will be notified immediately. In towns where the police or fire station is a long ways off, relying on such nearby help for immediate attention could come in handy.

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