Architects and Nonprofits Rebuild the Nepal Education System from Ground Up

Since a devastating earthquake, the country's schools have been in desperate shape, but the future is looking brighter with schools that adapt to destruction

In April of this year, Nepal’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake killed over 8,000 people and destroyed more than 25,000 classrooms in about 8,000 schools. In an effort to rebuild the country’s most devastated regions, SHoP Architects is partnering with two nonprofits to rebuild 50 public schools and lift Nepal education standards to new heights. While the government plays some role in the overall process, this venture displays how private organizations can help initiate progressive change in communities.

In May, all schools in the Kathmandu region were closed due to aftershocks. Since then, temporary schools have been rebuilt using materials such as bamboo, wood, and tarpaulin. Kids of Kathmandu is leveraging its relationship with Nepal’s Ministry of Education and working with SHoP and Asian Friendship Network to build flexible and easily constructed schools that benefit both students and local communities.

The newly rebuilt schools will be constructed with readily available parts, including concrete foundations, steel roofs, and earth brick, and various amenities will enhance the education experience and offer services for locals. These amenities include wireless Internet, solar electricity and a water purification system—all of which will help power new kitchens and donated computers and provide a safe haven in case of future disasters.

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