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This is my inspiration...

The idea that we are all connected is an ancient concept. Today this seems more true than ever, as globalization and technology transform our ways of interaction. But beneath these modern phenomena lies a greater truth - a foundation transcending both time and space. It underlies our human fabric and connects us all. It is an essential city, in which we all are active citizens.

With its institutions embedded in the depths of our hearts - in love, anger, hope, and fear alike - this city is expressed and interpreted in many ways. Taking form in the cultures, economies, and governments of our societies, we see its wonder all around us. Despite our global differences, we still feel this urban pulse wherever we go.

Substrand is an inherently human space that links us all together. The most emotional aspects of our societies are tied to this foundational fiber, and it can be tapped into by anyone, anywhere. So let's explore our roots and examine their forms. By doing so, we can strengthen the foundations on which our citizenship rides, and understand our role in this city we all call home.

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